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Hi Folks,
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How many other first time bloggers used that title line? Hundreds? Thousands? Did they feel an uncanny tie with Dr. Seuss, too? Maybe not.

Not knowing exactly what a blog was, I asked a few people. (When it comes to social media, I’ve been living in the Stone Ages until now.) Most said it was basically an online journal about, well…whatever you  want.

Whatever the definition, I thought it was time to give blogging a shot. Express a few things I feel the need to express, use it as a practice field for improving my writing, and apply it to a unique classroom project / experiment.

That’s really the main reason I’m doing this.

A little background: I teach Sales, Marketing and Finance classes at a community college in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (as if there was more than one).  Kirkwood Community College to be exact. 
On a 2012 study abroad trip to Australia, a group of sixteen students enlightened and educated me without even knowing it. We were at a winery (Love Grove Winery, cool name, huh?) for the day and the students were divided into small groups and asked to come up with some ideas on how the owner could better market his business in exchange for lunch (and some wine samples, of course). At the end of the day, each group presented their strategies in a cozy, stone-walled courtyard area. 

It was there that I was enlightened.

Every group presented ideas on not just traditional marketing strategy, but on the rapidly-evolving “e-marketing” strategy. As is in Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, foursquare, Pinterest – you name it; they covered it. 
Three things came out of it: 

A great exchange. Wine for ideas. What a bargain!

A shameful realization. My students knew more about a key area of marketing than I did. (A lot more.) 

An idea. A project, so to speak, I could execute to learn about this whole e-commerce/e-marketing/social marketing/online marketing (why are there some many names for it?) strategy in order to catch up with the students I  teach in the classroom.

The idea I could execute? A book I wrote, a novel, a love story. A personal endeavor I tackled a few years ago and gave to my father as a gift for his 70th birthday.

 I’d heard about e-publishing, but that’s about it. It sounded big and technical and scary. And I don’t like big and technical and scary things (who does?). But the idea of learning and sharing it in the classroom was a challenge I wanted to take.

For the rest of the trip I was inspired, educated and perhaps even heckled a bit by students gracious enough to “teach the teacher” about social media. 

It was a start. It was exciting. And it was a challenge – big, fun, semi-scary challenge. 
One thing is certain, I will always be grateful for the educational launch this wonderful bunch helped me with. 
So, if that’s how it all began, how far has it come? Well, it seems like a long way from my Stone Age start. 
How far is it going? Hard to say. I still have a lot more to learn.

But I’ll keep you posted. 
That’s what blogs are for, right? 

Hi Folks!

For a limited time only, My Father's House, award-winning debut novel, is on sale for only .99 at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

"A beautifully sensitive and creatively written story about soul-searching, relationships, spirituality, and life's journey. Honest and poetic. Definitely thought-provoking and passionate." - Amazon Reader Review

Friends, family and fans - recently My Father's House won a Bronze Medal for the 2013 Global Ebook Awards for Religion and Faith Fiction. Pretty exciting stuff and thought it was worth sharing.